Flibanserine is an organic compound that is present in preparations for women who struggle with hypolibidemia, i.e. the reduction of sex drive that occurs especially in the premenopausal period. Interestingly, this compound was originally intended to treat depressive conditions in women.

Sexual desire can be lowered for a variety of reasons, but in the menopause it can increase significantly. The disappearance of desire in women is associated with a disruption of the relationship with the partner and a worsening of the sense of self attractiveness. A chemical compound called flibanserine was developed to regulate the disturbances that occur during sexual intercourse.

Flibanserine - action

Flibanserine is a completely new chemical compound on the list of measures to increase women's sexual desire. On the basis of the studies performed, it is estimated that regular intake of flibanserine before bedtime contributes to stimulation of sexual drive, lower feelings of tension and stress, and increased libido.

Flibanserine works by activating neurotransmitter systems in the brain. The chemical compound has a preferential effect on neurons in the prefrontal cortex, which reduces serotoninergic transmission and increases dopaminergic and noradrenergic transmission in this brain area. The mechanism that causes the increase in sexual desire in women is not fully known. Flibanserin is metabolized mainly in the liver, so it does not settle in the body.

Flibanserine - contraindications

The drug must absolutely not be combined with alcohol, as it may cause a drop in blood pressure and dizziness and, in exceptional cases, loss of pleasure. It should also not be used with concomitant administration of strong inhibitors, e.g. CYP3A4 and in patients with liver damage. The pills can also not be combined with some medicines. Like any other medicine not used in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions, it may cause side effects, such as dizziness, nausea, fatigue or excessive sleepiness.

In the United States, physicians are required to undergo a certification process as part of a risk assessment and management plan. Patients receiving medication must declare to stop drinking alcohol while taking the medication.

Flibanserine - indications

Indications for use occur when generalised disorders of desire in women in the premenopausal period are diagnosed. Clinical trials have shown that women who regularly take flibanserine are more satisfied with their sexual intercourse. This also translated into more close-ups.