Tribulus terrestris - Ground mace

Tribulus terrestris is a plant known for its properties for thousands of years. The herb also exists under the name of the ground mace. A dietary supplement especially dedicated to men, because it increases testosterone secretion and also acts as a natural remedy for potency. The mace has extremely strong strengthening properties.

Tribulus terrestris is used for many years in Chinese and Indian medicine. The plant is widely used thanks to its toning and strengthening properties. The herb is used by men because it acts as an aphrodisiac and has a real effect on the growth of libido. As it turns out, the mace is used in the production of supplements for athletes.

Tribulus terrestris and its effects on the genital system

The action of the plant is largely based on strengthening the body. The herb effectively reduces the feeling of fatigue and at the same time stimulates the body. Due to these properties, tribulus terrestris is one of the agents used by athletes. In addition, herb is an effective means of raising the level of anabolic hormones. As a result, testosterone levels in the blood increase. Tribulus terrestris increases muscle mass gain and physical strength.

Tribulus terrestris is an herb that contains compounds such as saponins, indoles and polyphenols. These substances inhibit the activity of enzymes that process anabolic testosterone. The plant stimulates spermatogenesis in men and ovogenesis in women. It also increases nitrogen retention and stimulates protein synthesis.

Extract from tribulus terrestris is intended for use by men. Although the herb is not a hormonal agent, its natural substances cause an increase in testosterone levels. Regular use of a mace has a positive effect on potency. It is certainly a safe measure that rarely causes side-effects. However, if you use this plant regularly, you may complain of abdominal pain.

Tribulus terrestris - contraindications

Even natural herbs that are not administered in accordance with the instructions can lead to undesirable effects. The use of a mace may vary according to the intended use. In case of support for physical activity it is recommended to use 2 to 3 g of the preparation daily. As far as preventive and therapeutic support is concerned, up to 6 g should be administered during the day. Everything depends on the general content of saponins in the supplement taken. The supplementation of Tribulus terrestris should take place no longer than 60 minutes before the planned sleep.