Guarana and its seeds contain the highest dose of caffeine among all plants in the world. Natural guarana is used for dietary supplements, drinks and analgesics. Its properties significantly affect concentration, stimulate the nervous system and increase physical endurance. Guarana is also considered a natural aphrodisiac that increases potency.

Guarana is known mainly for its strong stimulating properties, which stimulate not only the body but also the mind. The effect of guarana is much longer than that of coffee. This is caused, among other things, by a slower release process, and the effects last up to 7 hours. What is important, the plant increases the secretion of hormones, which improve the mood, increase the efficiency of thinking. Aphrodisiac applications can also be found in the properties of guarana.

Guarana and its effects on the genital system

Guarana, like ginseng, is considered an aphrodisiac. Plant material increases libido and at the same time strengthens the body, stimulates the nervous system and improves blood supply to the genitals. Guarana allows you to equalize the level of libido, in case of sexual problems that result from fatigue or excessive stress. The substances contained in the plant, including caffeine, prevent erectile dysfunction, which relaxes smooth muscle tissue. According to a study in Huston, men who drink two to three glasses of coffee a day or supply a similar amount of caffeine from guarana, for example, are much less likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction.

The guarantee can be obtained most quickly in the form of a dietary supplement, in such places as shops with functional food, nutritional supplements for athletes and herbal shops.

Guarana - contraindications

As with any product administered contrary to the manufacturer's or pharmacist's recommendations, it may cause some side effects. Improper administration of guarana can also result in undesirable effects. An overdose of guarana is associated with headaches, anxiety, diarrhoea and vomiting, insomnia, irritability, psychomotor disorders, mood changes. Guarana administered in increased doses may affect respiratory acceleration, concentration disorders. It is particularly dangerous for young people to take guarana, as the visibility of side effects is much faster. Contraindication to take guarana is young age, pregnancy, breastfeeding period, intestinal problems, hypertension, insomnia and any cardiovascular disorders.