Are there any impotence drugs for women?

The most common cause of low libido levels is fatigue, stress and even depression. It can also be caused by taking certain medications and hormonal imbalances caused by poor contraception. One of the ways to improve libido is through psychotherapy and appropriate supplementation.

Sexual problems in women take a completely different form from those in men. Their occurrence is usually caused not only by one, but also by many reasons. As it turns out, almost every third woman has a lowered libido and is not satisfied with her sexual life. At present, there are many safe measures on the market that can help to halt a growing problem.

The most common causes of female impotence

Reduced libido levels affect more than 35% of women. In most cases, lack of interest in sex life requires specialist treatment because the cause is usually complex. In the case of a substrate other than psychological dysfunction, pharmacological preparations prove to be an excellent solution.

One of the most common causes of the libido's decline is..:

  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Perimeter-period
  • Taking of specific medicines
  • Systemic diseases, i.e. diabetes, infections, cancer
  • Weak emotional bond with a partner
  • Problems with obtaining satisfaction during intercourse may also result from lack of sufficient excitement and inability to obtain orgasm. These situations may arise as a result of ailments and diseases of the genital organs.

The first symptoms of low libido

The dysfunctions affecting women who cannot fully enjoy their sex life can most often be divided into two groups: reducing sexual needs and difficulties in achieving orgasm. A woman with a low libido is less likely to initiate rapprochement herself and decides to depart from other forms of satisfying sexual needs. A common symptom of low libido is the approaching peri-omenopause period, which is the cause of increased nervousness, hot flashes, insomnia, reduced elasticity of tissues.

Potency drugs for women

According to the conducted research, the vast majority of preparations lifting libido have positive results. The operation of these measures is based on more or less the same pattern, namely the increase in sexual desire. However, specialists pay attention to reducing stress and other factors that could affect intercourse problems. Almost all libido products contain the active ingredient L-arginine, which as an amino acid is a product used for protein synthesis. The action of this amino acid is based on the synthesis of nitric oxide. This process increases tissue elasticity, improves blood circulation and increases genital blood supply. It is worth remembering, however, that L-arginine is not the ultimate solution to problems with low libido.