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I spent my time on useless things and I pretty much disobeyed you in the end.
BO5 fnatic - nip this is a fucking dream 22:39, ez for Ninjas in Pyjamas 22:59, ez for allu 3-0 for NiP 23:47, fnatic will win this, no doubt.
Meaning train would be in map pooL?I find good value in 3-0/3-1 for Fnatic.It's totally boring to watch - even with great teams like Fnatic and NiP.20:02 cbble is such a interesting map to spectate 20:03 Casters acting like NiP know how to play Cobble lmao.22:35 Ty NIP 22:39 thanks /q43N 22:44 NIP, slowly getting godlike with Allu in the squad.Now need hope Fnatic will be rly good in Mirage and Dust2 21:03 nice phatetic friberg easy O 21:04 Volvo nerf MP-04-05 21:04 hahahaha nice update valve lmao 21:05 Envy full mp7 strats incoming 21:05 friberg mp7 kills olof: good game xizt: it's as good.
18:48 b hold is fucking terrible 18:48 Where are all the people saying that fnatic can't win rounds without Tec9s?
21:19 how did allu do on cache and cobbleston?
Look for more news stories this evening.20:26, gonna be a great game.And how about economy?04:25 Im pretty sure hltv admins lost sooo much :D 08:19 ayyy lmao ty for skin 07:00 Im nip fanboy,but first time i bet agains them.and i lost 14 10:11 f0rest settings pls!22:34 The only thing standing between fnatic and victory is the god damn AWP nerf.