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( Link to David Jarvis gallery.) Dense, heavy masses like the Sun cause very large amounts of curvature in very small spaces, significant enough to bend starlight by amounts significant enough you could notice it with 1919s technology. .
There are slots online spela gratis kan du images out there where the Earth appears curved when you look out at the water, and indeed, theyre not hard to find.If you were to try and calculate the circumference of the Earth from a photo like this, youd get a world that was smaller than slots för kul och gratis spel party bonus even the Moon is; you cannot measure the curvature of the Earth from any known location on the surface.Or does it close back upon itself at some point?There is a way that youd be able to tell, though, what the shape and size of the planet actually.Some places are curved upwards, others downwards, and any small region visible to you is unlikely to be a fair representation of the entire planet.In other words, these local sources of curvature are things we need to not be fooled.But space itself is a little trickier.We were able to measure that the Universe, if it is curved, has a much larger radius of curvature than that of our observable Universe, which is about 46 billion light years.
Image credit: noaa Ocean Service Educations history of geodesy.
From even 14,000 feet up, the curvature of the Earth is totally indistinguishable from flat.
Stephen Hawking, the Universe is a vast, seemingly unending marvel of existence.So all that we see the billions of stars in our galaxy, the hundreds of billions of galaxies lighting up the observable Universe is just a teeny-tiny fraction of whats actually out there, beyond what we can see.Image credit: Dave Jarvis of /dave/gallery/.But it does mean that the Universe is far larger than well ever see.Its as simple as going to three separate locations on Earth and drawing a triangle to connect those three points.Not at all; its because of atmospheric distortion.Image credit: Christopher Vitale of Networkologies and the Pratt Institute.Image credit: nasa, ESA,.But if we could make that measurement more precise, we could conceivably measure a much smaller curvature than even that.