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This is a much easier way to know where we are in development and is used a lot in the industry.
Fixed Spectator cycling through all users even if they are in the hole.Fixed Steam invite stating "Version mismatch" when there was no missmatch and connecting anyway.Fixed Weird reset on online slots för riktiga pengar australien CL hole.Please note, the large download size is due to preparation for Ancient.The Ancient map is still under development alongside the level editor, Ill go into more detail below.Thanks for the support!
Fixed Bounds on CL hole.
Removed Logs underground on Forest.We are now using the Major, Minor,Revision method to name our versions.Fixed Scaling of custom options menu for ultra-wide.Fixed Bases of holes at the right level now.They are pretty slow and boring so be warned, but it will give you an idea of what we do, our progress and how long it takes.Keybinding, you can now rebind keys casino spel pc maskiner for all the actions in game, I want to make this more advanced in the future.Sorry for the delay, today we are releasing.99.0 previously known.0.99, please post any bug reports in the bug reports section on the Steam forums.The Ancient map will still go ahead as planned and shouldn't be held back.Full changelog at the bottom.